Easy performance reviews and OKRs for small HR teams

easyreview helps you to assess performance, set goals and give feedback, to empower every single employee to grow their careers. With a clearly structured & user-friendly tool you will love.
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What is easyreview?

easyreview is your software to quit the HR spreadsheet chaos. We help you run performance reviews, employee surveys, OKRs, as well as target and performance agreements fast, easily and without breaking the bank.

Our tools help you in the most straightforward way to prepare, implement and evaluate performance reviews, OKRs and target agreements. On top of that, we turn collecting feedback from your colleagues into a no-brainer.

Working with easyreview is different. We think it's unfair when software requires your organization to adopt to all it's quirks. Instead we connect to your existing processes and tools and make sure you are ready to go in no time!

You need focus to do your best work! So our team of HR, IT and operations experts is there 24/7 to run, maintain and improve easyerview for you. No more failing servers or missing backups, we got you covered all the way! And we must admit it: We're too German to neglect data privacy and information security. easyreview complies with the most rigorous data privacy standards like CCPA and GDPR.

Let us make your life easy

Your time is too precious for time-consuming grunt work and error-prone processes. Let easyreview work for you instead!

Inviting your colleagues to this year's performance review cycle, keeping an eye on response rates and sending reminders. Let easyreview handle it for you, fully automated.

And when time comes to analyze the results easyreview shows its full potential: see self- and manager-assesments next to each other, drill into company and department level outcomes, gather actionable feedback and back decisions by meaningful analysis. A completely new view of your company is just a click away.

easyreview is empowering your whole organization. All insights are no longer an exclusive for HR and upper management. Instead you equip every single manager with time-saving tools to understand and lead their teams better than ever. With a structured approach to preparing and conducting meetings, access to historical results and support with goal setting and tracking.


Performance Reviews

Recurring employee meetings can be digitally displayed very easily.

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OKRs & Target Agreements

Collaborative goal setting that aligns managers and their teams to celebrate successes together.

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Performance Reviews

Run regular and straightforward performance reviews digitally with easyreview.

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OKRs & Target Agreements

Collaborative goal setting that aligns managers and their teams to celebrate successes together.

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Feedback & observations

Boost your colleagues' motivation and productivity with candid, actionable and timely feedback.

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“Easy to use, great support, great software!”
I run HR at a Swiss, municipal utility. easyreview helped us to bring our talent management process to the digital age. From performance reviews to goal setting and apprenticeship evaluations. The software is self-explanatory and allows me to react to new challenges swiftly and self-directed.

Seamless integration

The best work in HR is based on having the right information available at the right time to the right people. No matter if you work with a big HRIS/HCM suite, a selection of smaller tools or if you stick to good old paper folders: easyreview fits in any HR data landscape.

As the subject matter expert for performance reviews, goal setting and OKRs, easyreview employs a lean model for all employee master data. We use CSV- or Excel formats to exchange data with any of your existing tools. But don't let yourself be constrained by our data model. Obviously you can customize it to rise to the challenge of your organization's specific needs.

Needless to say that we apply the same level of openness to any data and all results that you keep and process in easyreview. It's your data and we offer a wide range of options to export it from our tool: From PDFs for archival purposes to complex reports to fuel your business-intelligence-systems.

And if you need help with a special challenge: We are happy to support you with all tasks from porting your existing questionnaires from Microsoft Word to inputting your employee lists in paper form. Our experts are there for you!

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Strict data protection, compliant with CCPA & GDPR

We process and store your data on servers secured by highest industry standards. We encrypt all communication with our software across the internet with modern TLS (SSL) technology.

We only work with fully audited hosting and data center vendors, comitted to information security and quality assurance.

Of course our services are 100% compliant with the strong privacy frameworks of CCPA (California) and GDPR (EU). A fact we regularly confirm through audits with an external data protection officer.