Successful work from home

Keep in touch with the team, so your employees feel heard no matter where they work from.

easyreview is your starightforward feedback channel

When we no longer sit across from each other in the office every day, the sense of togetherness quickly falls by the wayside.
With easyreview, you close this social gap and remove small remote work obstacles before they become real problems in your company.
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+++ 2021 is a special year +++

After many companies were forced to switch to home offices overnight in the spring, and the provision of basic infrastructure for distributed working such as video meetings or chat groups were the most pressing challenges, new questions emerge in the second lockdown shortly before Christmas:

  • How can you support your employees while they work from home?
  • How do we retain our competitive edge with a distributed team?
  • How can you stay in touch with your employees?
  • How can you keep motivation and moral high through digital means?

Our agile feedback tool helps you to quickly identify pain points of your colleagues and how you can address these in the current situation. We want to support you in these challenging times. That is why we are offering our software for pulse surveys completely free of charge until February.

Free of charge until 01.05.21!

easyreview Pulse Surveys

  • Straightforward, fast, fully automated surveys – batteries included.
  • questionnaire templates, expert-built for home-office surveys
  • Real-time feedback. Immediately evaluated results for fast-paced decision making.

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Challenges of remote work

We all had perhaps our first, involuntary experience with working from home offices in the spring. Now we're going into a second lockdown - until 10/01/21 and beyond. So the home office, with all its pros and cons, will remain a part of our daily lives.

This change is here to stay, so we are here to help you navigate it!

The coffee machine and the hallway are deserted. Are there problems somewhere that you don't know about? How are your employees handling the extra workload over the holidays? How do you get a valid overview of the state of your business, the pulse of your workforce?

Fortunately there is a way to answer these questions and many more like them. And it's easy: Ask your team. Via email? In Slack or over the phone? Streteched out over weeks or taking up days of your time all at once? Do it right! With easyreview Pulse Feedback you can collect feedback from your colleagues reliably, regularly, fast and fully automatically. Short, anonymous surveys, using our smart technology enable you to get results in in minutes and guarantee high participation rates while also saving you time and effort.

Be there for all your employees despite the distance and resolve small challenges before they become big problems!

Employee Pulse Feedback

Pulse surveys with easyreview are straightforward, anonymous and run completely automatically:

1. Design the questionnaire for your colleagues or use one if our tried and tested templates

2. We will regularly send your pulse survey to all colleagues by email, remind them about outstanding submissions, collect all data and anonymize the results

3: With our graphical analyses, HR and your managers understand immediately what the team thinks and where they struggle

4 Whether you setup a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule, over time we will help you identify trends and patterns and empower you to take advantage of opportunities that arise.

And when you're ready for "more", our tools for performance reviews, target agreements or feedback meetings are fully integrated and just a click away.

Ready to go in less than 24h

Your first pulse feedback cycle is underway in no time. All you need is an Excel sheet with your current employee list. We then automatically onboard you employees, you choose a pulse feedback template from our template library and decide on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule.

Now sit back and watch easyreview do the heavy lifting for you. As soon as the first colleagues submit their feedback, you can find the results in your easyreview account. And with our visual charts and analyses making sense of the data is easier than ever.

That way you are making feedback a constant companion in your organization and equip your managers, executives and HR with indispensable insights.

First results in your inbox, tomorrow!

Wide selection of templates

Our HR experts have compiled a database of the best questions in order to get to reliable and accurate assessments from your team, efficiently.

For this purpose, templates are available for various focal points such as working in a home office, dealing with the ongoing Corona pandemic or general pulse surveys for your workforce.

No two organizations are alike. That is why you can customize all templates to match your needs.

And if you are already using a custom questionnaire on paper or Excel, it can be brought into easyreview directly. We are happy to help!

See trends & patterns over time

Meaningful and straightforward insights and analytics are a corner stone of every easyreview solution. With pulse feedback you quickly gather enough results to identify trends and see patterns. In employee assessments and sentiments. Address potential challenges and leverage opportunities in ways only possible when relying on accurate and timely data, straight from your colleagues.

Compare results across departments or workgroups and check if implemented measures are effective or need to be readjusted.

Regular, recurring pulse feedback often gives you insights on the directional development of your company's moral and sentiment within weeks. This can spark completely new ideas how to grow your organization and it's culture going forward.

Never miss a chance to become better with easyreview's actionable anlyses.

Data protection engineered to German standards

Screenshot of the easyreview software

Our entire product chain is based on maximum security for your data. Not only during operation, for which we operate all servers in Germany together with our domestic partners. In addition, we work with an external data protection officer, offer you modern encryption of your data, train our employees regularly and commit them to the highest standards of data protection when working with you.

Data protection and information security is in the DNA of easyreview. We are building our product to meet the strict rules of Germany's data privacy laws and conform to many international frameworks like the GDPR or CCPA. We use modern encryption technology, train our team regularly and commit them to the highest standards of data protection when working with you. With regular audits from an external data protection officer we ensure that our processes and systems can be the perfect guardian for your most sensitive data.

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