Straightforward software for employee surveys

easyreview at a glance

  • User-friendly software for employee surveys
  • Create and send surveys within minutes
  • High response rates through automatic reminders
  • Anonymous surveys
  • CCPA and GDPR-compliant data protection

Digital Surveys

Good old employee surveys on paper are labor-intensive to conduct and analyze. As a result, they are often neglected as a useful tool for decision-making or a gauge of corporate sentiment.

Digital employee surveys empower you to send out a questionnaire to your colleagues in no time. And within hours the first structured results are in and ready to be analyzed. Our surveys are versatile and can results can be recorded anonymously. They are an ideal tool to support important decision-making processes with important data straight from your workforce.

easyreview has your back when it comes to bringing your surveys to the digital age. Our flexible questionnaire editor allows you to build the exact surveys you need, while our automated invitation and reminder system guarantees high response rates and quick results. On top of that our tool delivers meaningful reports and analyses with a single click.

Get feedback anytime

easyreview does the survey grunt work for you and your managers. That allows you to easily run regular surveys in all areas, including on niche topics.

Create your custom survey with just a few clicks and start collecting results. Within hours you can see the first results coming in. And because easyreview provides you with user-friendly analysis tools and visual evaluations, it becomes easier than ever to make sense of the collected data and turn insight into action. All of this happens automatically, so why stop at sending out a questionnaire to your colleagues once a year, if you can do it every month with no extra effort? Ask for timely feedback on a project or check the pulse of your company bi-weekly. easyreview has you covered!

We make sure that participating in a survey is faster than ever for your employees. And your managers will love easyreview, too. Becaue we save them time! Helping to manage participations, reminders to submit outstanding submissions and readily available analysis and interpretations of results make it easy to report to HR and executives with accurate data that is available fast.

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For SMEs and small HR teams

No matter if you are the solo HR-hero in your company or if you work with a small team: You are often facing a plethora of challenges and tasks that need to get done. That is why you have learned to use your most precious resource wisely: Your time.

easyreview supports you by taking a lot of routine work off your shoulders and providing you with exactly the right tools to survey your employees efficiently:

  • straightforwad and modern user interface
  • Smart defaults instead of spending hours on configuration
  • Build for SMEs and small HR teams
  • Results oriented and pragmatic tools
  • Customer service directly from our experts

Strong Data Protection

Data protection and information security are our utmost priority. When processing with your data we adhere to international standards like CCPA and GDPR. But for us that is only the beginning!

We are processing and storing your data using the latest advances in secure technology like 100% SSL/TLS encrypted communication, backups that are encrypted at rest and a sandboxed multi-tenancy system to isolate the data from every customer.

We regularly train our employees in the correct handling of your sensitive data. All our processes are regularly audited by an external data protection officer.

A great fit for your software landscape

As an expert for performance reviews, OKRs and target agreements, we seamlessly adapt to your existing software solutions. No matter whether you handle the personnel work in your company with a mix of small tools, a large HR suite, HRIS, HRMS or HCM. Or if your are still based on good old paper: easyreview fits right in!

We use a very lean set of employee master data, which can be easily imported and exported from and to CSV or Excel reports that are usable with common systems.

The same applies of course to all data maintained in easyreview and all results collected. This data belongs to you. We offer you various export options: From PDFs for archiving to comprehensive Excel reports that can be fed into your business intelligence cluster.

And if you need help with a special challenge: We are happy to support you in all tasks from porting your existing questionnaires from Microsoft Word to migrating your paper based employee lists. Our experts are there for you!