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  • User-friendly software for employee appraisals
  • Performance appraisals and potential analyses
  • 1:1 results and company-wide analyses in just a few clicks
  • DSGVO-compliant, operation on German servers
  • Keeps your managers' backs free

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Digitize your employee appraisals

Appraisals in Word or in paper form are often bulky in daily use. This then leads to the fact that such employee appraisals are not carried out at all or not regularly. Again and again, a sufficient evaluation is waived afterwards and learning and development goals are not even agreed upon.

However, a clear personnel development strategy is essential, especially for the long-term retention of your top performers. Properly implemented, employee appraisals form a perfect basis for this.

With easyreview you can easily implement your existing appraisal processes, questionnaires and evaluation schemes digitally or use our templates for a fresh start into your new appraisal process.

Of course, you can import existing data, questionnaires and appraisal schemes. Our experts will be happy to help you with this.

Accessing all assessment results is also child's play with easyreview. You can create company-wide analyses and benchmarks with easyreview at the touch of a button.

All this in a user-friendly software that makes your work a little bit easier.

Preparation and implementation

With easyreview, preparing your employee appraisals has never been easier. Take your time to prepare the appraisal forms, create participation pairs and tailor the appraisal to your company's needs. On the desired start date, we then automatically send out the participation invitations by e-mail and thus give the starting signal for the appraisal cycle. High participation rates are guaranteed through our reminder emails, fully automated of course.

We also take a lot of the hard work out of your managers' hands. They can find all the important information and results of past appraisals directly on each employee's profile. This makes the preparation of appraisal interviews child's play.

For your employees, filling out our online assessment forms is effortless and possible from anywhere. Results are automatically made transparent and clear afterwards. Colleagues always know exactly where they stand, what is expected of them and how they can take the next step in your company.

For SMEs and small HR teams

Being responsible for HR work in a company alone or in a small team often means having too little time for too many tasks. You must therefore use your time in a very targeted manner in order to be able to celebrate successes for your company.

We understand this situation and have developed a software that helps you. easyreview keeps your back free so that you can concentrate on your colleagues:

  • straightforward and modern user interface
  • no hours of configuration, start right away
  • Designedfrom the ground up for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Pragmatic approach: easy is better than perfect
  • the easyreview experts are happy to help you
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Screenshot of the potential analysis in the easyreview software

Potential analyses

Good employee appraisals are characterized by a good mix of qualitative and quantitative exchanges with your colleagues.

easyreview makes it easy for you to find the perfect mix. With our employee appraisal system, you can quantify each closed question in the appraisal sheet and assign weighted strength scores.

In this way, you gain an overview of the self-perception and external perception of the performance of each employee in no time at all and can thus efficiently plan and control development and training measures.

With our potential analysis, you also have an easy way to discover talent and uncover discrepancies in performance perceptions between employees and managers before they can become a problem.

"Great customer service and software that just does what it's supposed to."
Karin Bühler / EW Höfe AG

Customizable and dynamic

Immediately after logging in, easyreview offers you clever default settings that make it as easy as possible for you to get started with digital employee appraisals.

Our software can also be set up at any time so that it fits perfectly with your company. With your logo and the colours from your corporate identity, it is immediately clear to all colleagues that this is an offer from your company. With individual texts for our e-mails, you hit the right note when addressing your employees.

The easyreview questionnaire editor allows you to choose from a wide variety of question types and build exactly the appraisal questionnaire you envision for use in your organization. And with the many setting options in our tools for employee appraisals, target agreements, employee feedback and employee reviews, you can design a digital process that is oriented in all details to the challenges of your company and plays its part in helping you and your colleagues grow together.

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Strict data protection, compliant with CCPA & GDPR

We process and store your data on servers secured by highest industry standards. We encrypt all communication with our software across the internet with modern TLS (SSL) technology.

We only work with fully audited hosting and data center vendors, comitted to information security and quality assurance.

Of course our services are 100% compliant with the strong privacy frameworks of CCPA (California) and GDPR (EU). A fact we regularly confirm through audits with an external data protection officer.