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  • User-friendly software for employee performance reviews
  • Individual questionnaires and guidelines
  • 1:1 results and company-wide evaluations with one click
  • Best-in-class data protection, 100% CCPA & GDPR compliant
  • We save your managers time

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Traditional meeting notes and performance evaluation sheets in Word or Excel are a pain to create, send out, fill in, submit, sort and archive. Analyzing them across multiple colleagues to identify trends and patterns is close to impossible.

As a manager using a paper or Word-based system to prepare for a performance review is boring and hence error prone grunt work of sifting through folders of material. That is why your employees are often facing completely unprepared and unstructured reviews. That not only leads to biased results but also makes you miss growth opportunities for the individuals and the organization as a whole.

We offer you a straightforward solution to enhance your process digitally and run the best possible employee reviews.

This allows you to boost the motivation and satisfaction of your employees and to lay the foundation for great leadership that retains top talent, easily.

easyreview offers you:

  • Bring your existing questionnaires, forms and review sheets
  • Import of historical results
  • structured, digital processes for clear results

Easy preparation

Performance reviews are the ideal opportunity for an open and candid exchange between your individual contributors and their managers. It is also the right time to set clear expectations and ensure that every single employee is setup for success in your organization.

A thorough preparation is the key to success for any performance review. easyreview helps HR and managers to prepare world-class performance assessments and meetings. We empower you to focus on indivdual strength and opportunities for everyone on the team. And while we are at it, we are even saving you time!

Setup your review cycle and it's participants with a few clicks. Then let us take over the busy work for you. On your set date everyone we will kick off the cycle and your colleagues get their invitations delivered straight to their inbox.

Our customizable online-sureys allow you to gather self- and manager-assessments for every employee. Those form the basis for a fair, unbiased and actionable performance review and constructive review meetings.

Understand trends and patterns

easyreview does not stop at assessing the current state of your employee's performance. With our tools you can start to see long-term trends and developments within your organization or for anyone of your colleagues individually. Insights that will inform your strategic thinking and decision making to make your organization even stronger!

While review sheets in a paper folder or files somewhere on drive E:\HR\Performance-Reviws are hard to parse beyond the individual employee, we aggregate data on all submitted reviews. easyreview then analyzes the data and presents you with easy to understand, visually enhanced results that bring you one step closer to a holistic understanding of your company's inner workings.

Use these insights to back your decisions on hiring, career growth & education, benefits & compensation or creating career paths in your organization with data.

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For SMEs and small HR teams

No matter if you are the solo HR-hero in your company or if you work with a small team: You are often facing a plethora of challenges and tasks that need to get done. That is why you have learned to use your most precious resource wisely: Your time.

At easyreview we focus on supporting small and medium enterprises and their HR teams. The software we have built helps you to run efficient, yet empathic processes:

  • straightforwad and modern user interface
  • Smart defaults instead of spending hours on configuration
  • Software that is built for SMEs from the ground up
  • Pragmatic approach: easy is better than perfect
  • Our experts are there to help you

Customizable and dynamic

With smart defaults and templates built by experts, easyreview is your turn-key solution for a digital perfomance review process.

As soon as you want more, you can tailor our tool to the needs of your company. Brand your easyreview portal with a custom logo and your company colors and bring your employees a branded experience. Or customize our email messages to strike the right chord to match your company's culture.

Our questionnaire editor allows you to compile your review sheet from a large variety of question types and elements. With this and the many more customization options in our tools for performance assessments, employee performance appraisals, feedback meetings, OKRs, target agreements and employee feedback you can create a digital process that adopts to the challenges your organization is facing today and tomorrow. Support your colleagues to grow together and get better, every day.

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Screenshot of the potential analysis in the easyreview software

Potential analyses

Assessing the current performance and future potential of your colleagues is an important tool for successful leadership and a talent management process that creats an environment in which all employees can grow.

Our software helps you to collect and quantify important performance metrics righ in your employee review sheets. That allows you offer growth and education opportunities that are tailored towards the exact needs of your team.

The foundation for this is easyreview's strength-value system It allows you to quantify any answer to closed-form questions with a weighted score.

When the results are in, we analyze the scores for you and let you know exactly where any individual employee stands within your organization as a whole. We also point our where we find development potential or special training opportunities.

On top of that it becomes easy to uncover differences in self- and manager-assessment of a colleague's performance. Allowing HR to resolve potential conflict before it even arises.

With easyreview you can run the HR-analytics that suits your organization best. With the priorities you set and fine tuned reviews that strike the perfect balance between quantitative and qualitative assessments.

Strict data protection, compliant with CCPA & GDPR

We process and store your data on servers secured by highest industry standards. We encrypt all communication with our software across the internet with modern TLS (SSL) technology.

We only work with fully audited hosting and data center vendors, comitted to information security and quality assurance.

Of course our services are 100% compliant with the strong privacy frameworks of CCPA (California) and GDPR (EU). A fact we regularly confirm through audits with an external data protection officer.