360-degree feedback

Assessments and evaluations from different perspectives for a more objective assessment of the competencies and performance of your employees and managers

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  • 180 degree, 270 degree and 360 degree assessments
  • Honest assessments through anonymous surveys
  • Individual questionnaires with uncomplicated editor
  • Clear evaluations and analyses
  • Transfer results directly into Target agreements
  • Automatic reminders and invitations
  • DSGVO compliant and operated in Germany

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360° feedback that works

The best feedback process is only as good as its acceptance among the participants. That is why it is important to closely align a 360-degree feedback with your company's goals, so that your evaluations can easily be used to relate your individual contribution to the company's success.

With our uncomplicated questionnaire editor and the direct embedding of target agreements this is easier than ever before.

You can tailor your 360-degree feedback individually to the challenges and opportunities in your company and at the same time ensure that your managers and employees can always see the practical relevance in the survey. This prospect of actively participating in joint growth helps to promote an honest and motivated feedback culture and ensures reliable results from your feedback rounds.

Feedback from many perspectives

A classic performance assessment by the supervisor will never do your managers in particular 100% justice. In order to shed light on modern leadership work, there is no way around directly questioning the people involved. In addition to the supervisor, the colleagues and the team of each manager are of course first and foremost involved. But also the assessment of customers, suppliers and service providers can provide important insights and should therefore be included in a feedback process.

As a variant of multi-rater feedback, 360-degree assessments reflect these requirements very well. They have therefore found a firm place in the toolbox of personnel development and management diagnostics.

With easyreview you have the possibility to introduce this instrument in your organization in a very uncomplicated and user-friendly way or to digitalize existing processes. Our intuitive software takes the hard work off your shoulders, saves time and ensures that your team can fully concentrate on the joint development through honest and holistic feedback.

Individual questionnaires

Every company has characteristic values, faces its own unique challenges, can take advantage of unique opportunities and is unmistakably shaped by its culture. Of course, good and successful leadership must also be individually tailored to these factors.

The same applies to the instruments you use to obtain assessments of your leadership work. That's why the best questionnaires for 360-degree feedback are strongly adapted to the organization in which they are used.

They use the right mix of open and closed questions to address the culture within the company and put the company values and goals at the forefront of the competence survey.

You can easily do all this with our user-friendly software. In easyreview you can easily design questionnaires from a wide variety of question types and with thematic focuses that fit your company exactly.

If you are missing question blocks on specific topics, please use our templates. You can customize the templates with a few mouse clicks.

Even the dynamic adjustment of the questionnaire depending on the perspective is possible. This allows you to individualize the survey of colleagues and suppliers and to show or hide individual questions.

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self-image vs. public image

A special moment of the 360-degree feedback is the comparison of the self- and external assessment of your managers and employees. In addition to the different perceptions in the cooperation, it also becomes clear here whether there is a deviation in the self- and external image. This is one of the most frequent reasons for conflicts and challenges in the cooperation of managers and their teams. It is therefore crucial to detect these tendencies quickly and to remedy them together.

Furthermore, the comparison of the two worlds of perception also serves as a pool for new ideas for the personal development of the manager. The observation of how colleagues like one's own work is received is, for example, the foundation for improving communication skills or can be the basis for a stronger focus on empathic leadership.

Especially the common confrontation with the differences in self-perception and the perception of others and the feeling of actively participating in an even more successful basis of cooperation motivates teams and has a great influence on a positive feedback culture throughout the entire organization.

Assessments from daily work

Work with teams to identify the best feedback providers for your managers and colleagues in advance.

With a mix of assessments, you illuminate the work from the perspectives of the different ways in which the specialist or manager and his colleagues work together.

The insights you gain into the skills, strengths and weaknesses of your employees give you new opportunities to

to positively influence the growth of the feedback recipient. You can directly use the new findings in

include concrete objectives in the next performance or target agreement.

easyreview offers you not only convenient options for identifying the right feedback providers but also uncomplicated analysis and evaluation options. The direct conversion of a result into a target agreement is possible with just a few clicks, as is the annual reflection of the previous year's targets.

Evaluation of the data

Once the assessments have been collected from all perspectives, the work for a successful 360-degree feedback really begins. The evaluation and analysis of the individual results must be prepared and compiled. Afterwards it is extremely important that these are put into their personal context and discussed and classified together with the feedback recipient. Subsequently, a concrete plan with individual possibilities for improvement should be developed, which also shows suitable measures to achieve the goals.

Our software supports you and your managers every step of the way. The clear analyses and graphic evaluations in easyreview help you to interpret the results. Afterwards, you discuss the result and, in direct exchange with the feedback recipient, transfer it into a concrete target agreement that provides orientation for the work of the next year.

Continuous growth

One of the great advantages of a digital feedback process is the recognition of trends and patterns in the long-term development and assessment of colleagues. In this way you can tailor the competence profile of your managers more precisely. We give you the means to go into depth in terms of content. If, for example, individual feedback providers report situations in which a manager reacts in an unattractive way, this topic may not yet be a priority in the first year when discussing the opportunities for improvement with your manager. But if this issue is raised year after year, you can make validated, data-based decisions. Targeted training can make all team members feel perceived and valued.

In order to draw such conclusions, the evaluation of the results over years must be uncomplicated and quick. easyreview offers you exactly the right analyses and time series of results to recognize patterns and trends of every executive with just a few clicks and to set the main topics not only on the basis of a single snapshot.

Development measures

With easyreview you only need a few clicks to separate the data of a 360-degree feedback from the resulting target agreement.

Our target agreements help you to work out the general direction of development. Record specific sub-goals and development measures in a structured manner. You can provide these with concrete target data, quantify them if necessary and weight them with each other.

In this way, you never leave your managers and professionals alone on their path to personal growth in their respective roles. In addition, you also communicate expectations clearly and thus create a transparent climate of reliability in your company.

track progress

On the basis of the developed target agreement with your managers, you can easily view the progress in personal growth in easyreview at any time. Your colleagues and their superiors continuously enter the current status of a measure or a goal into the digital target agreements. This enables a comprehensive picture of the situation in the company and a target/actual comparison of the development of your employees in management positions.

In the case of soft factors such as employee satisfaction or team motivation, we can help you with our tools such as regular pulse feedback. In this way, in addition to a constantly updated view of the individual managers, you always have a prompt and direct impression of the mood and satisfaction of your staff.

Equipped in this way, you are always ready for action and can make necessary course corrections without losing time with long cycles until the next survey.

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Anonymous interview

For the success of your 360-degree feedback, it is important that each participant can be sure that his or her answers are not attributable to him or her.

Only then will your colleagues be able to give honest assessments without having to think about the possible consequences of your answers with every line.

Therefore 360-degree feedback in easyreview is always 100% anonymous. The viewing of individual results is never possible. Summarized results are only released for viewing after a quorum has been reached.

Of course, this also applies to all applied filters, exports and reports. With anonymous 360-degree feedback, your managers also have the same possibilities for direct evaluation as with all other easyreview tools, as soon as enough team members have given their feedback.

You don't have to worry about anything else. Our software takes over the access control fully automatically.

A reliable partner for your sensitive data

We process and store your data exclusively on German domestic servers. Without exception, we work together with domestic service providers and computer centres.

We only work with fully audited hosting and data center vendors, comitted to information security and quality assurance.

Of course our services are 100% compliant with the strong privacy frameworks of CCPA (California) and GDPR (EU). A fact we regularly confirm through audits with an external data protection officer.