Observations and notes

Never forget important observations again. easyreview helps you, so that you always have all notes on your colleagues at the right moment. With our uncomplicated software for managers this is no problem!

Our features

  • Private notes on your colleagues
  • Simple and fast operation
  • Ideal for busy executives
  • Additions possible at any time
  • Automatic archiving with date and time stamp
  • Finding instead of searching: Storage on employee profile

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Notes: Always up to date

Our note function is the uncomplicated way to record important information about your team. With just a few clicks, you can save your observations on a colleague's employee profile and ensure that they are not forgotten.

You can access your notes in many different ways later. For example, you can also access a meeting preparation using the employee profile of the colleague. This enables you to view and compare your notes for this employee, for example, in the direct context of the results of previous annual appraisals or target agreements of recent years. This allows you to prepare a well-founded appraisal interview in a completely uncomplicated way, which will help your team to move forward.

Of course you also have the possibility to view an overview of the created observations and notes and even search them. With this structured filing system, you always keep the overview and save time when searching for information.

Always up to date

Unlike on paper, your notes in easyreview are dynamic and can be regularly adapted to your latest state of knowledge.

For example, create a note for a specific goal in the personal development of a colleague. You can use it continuously to add not only new progress in development but also memos from 1:1 discussions and feedback from colleagues.

Your observations are collected chronologically under the defined overall theme and are available to you from anywhere.

Should your impression ever change: No problem. With easyreview, you can change all notes once they have been created and thus respond to current events at any time.

"We had established a filing system over the years. Conversation notes, partly on paper, all loose in files ... the time required to obtain information was enormous. Thanks to our new, digital structure with easyreview, we had the desired information at hand in a fraction of the time.

Peter Daletzki / Hirschgold Media GmbH

Digital notes

  • Simple operation: information always at hand
  • Save space. The Cloud replaces your filing cabinets
  • DSGVO compliant, stored in Germany
  • Sustainability: Reduce printing costs by more than 40%.
  • Time saving for your managers
  • Access from anywhere: At your desk or mobile via your phone

Objective assessment of your employees

To ensure the success of your company, employee appraisals are an important instrument in personnel management and personnel development. Objectivity is extremely important in order to exploit the full potential of the appraisal process.

Only if your colleagues can rely on being judged fairly will you be able to give your managers the trust they need for successful cooperation.

An objective assessment, e.g. in the context of an annual meeting, thrives on the fact that managers regularly make structured notes about conversations and observations with and about their teams. This is the only way to ensure that they can carry out a consistent assessment at the end of the year, which does not overemphasise the "first impression" or the time that has just passed(recency-bias).

With easyreview, you can easily record notes and access them at any time, regardless of location.

Protected notes for a trustful cooperation

It is important for your managers to be confident that their notes are kept safe.

Notes and observations are always private in easyreview. As long as you do not share them with your colleagues, they cannot be viewed or even changed by anyone. Even the personnel department has no access to personal notes in easyreview.

This security enables your managers to capture even unfinished thoughts and observations before they are forgotten. Later on it is possible to enrich and clear up these notes without any problems.

easyreview allows you to develop observations 100% protected from prying eyes, to store them in a structured way and, if required, to target them with the search function. In this way, you can prepare every feedback meeting quickly and easily.

Privacy Information

We process and store your data on servers secured by highest industry standards. We encrypt all communication with our software across the internet with modern TLS (SSL) technology.

We only work with fully audited hosting and data center vendors, comitted to information security and quality assurance.

Of course our services are 100% compliant with the strong privacy frameworks of CCPA (California) and GDPR (EU). A fact we regularly confirm through audits with an external data protection officer.