Performance Reviews

easyreview is the straightforward software for employee reviews that fit into any schedule.

easyreview at a glance

  • User-friendly software for annual calls
  • CCPA and GDPR-compliant data protection
  • Customizable questionnaires and templates to support you with all reviews
  • per employee evaluations and company-wide analyses at the push of a button
  • Quantitative performance appraisals with potential analyses
  • Less work for your managers through automated processes

Easy preparation

The best performance review processes build a platform for open exchange and bi-directional feedback between a manager and their reports. These conversations then result in clear expectations on all sides.

To get there, a structured preparation is key. easyreview helps you and your managers to efficiently plan and prepare every review meeting with great attention to the individual details.

Compile and design a custom review sheet or questionnaire to run a self- and manager-assessment of every employee's performance. Then just add all your colleagues and their managers to the cycle and you are done.

On your set date, easyreview then sends out all assessment invitations automatically. Either by e-mail or as a PIN letter, for all your colleagues who don't regularly work at a computer workstation.

Smooth implementation

Participating in a performance review could not be easier for your employees. Simply follow the link in your invitation e-mail and you will be taken directly to the questionnaire. Fill in the self-assessment, submit the result and equip your manager with all she needs to run a successful performance review.

And just like that, your managers do the exact same and assess their reports.

Right from the start of each review cycle, HR is always in the loop and can check the status of assessment submission from our comfortable dashboards. But relax. easyreview does all the grunt work for you. We automatically remind all colleagues to submit their result and make sure you get results in, faster than ever before.

Managers love easyreview

  • Stop chasing your team to submit results
  • Support at setting review agendas and structuring meetings through early assessments and guidelines
  • One-click access to all past results and notes

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Right on time

Gone are the days when you had to chase down a couple of folks to submit their reviews, every single cycle.

easyreview makes it easy for you to take all the time you need, to prepare a cycle in advance. The rest than happens automatically. We send out review invitations via e-mail, collect the self- and manager-assessments through our online review sheets and remind your colleagues to submit their assessments if they forget. At the end we compile the results for you and help you make sense of them.

You have got enough on your plate. Let easyreview do the grunt work for you.

Results always at your fingertips

Access any piece of information in no time, with easyreview.

You are in the middle of planning next review cycle and are missing some information from last year's reviews? No problem. Head over to your colleagues' employee profile page and see everything you need at a glance. Or you can leverage our search functionality to find what you need.‍
When necessary you can also compare cycles to each other. That way it's easy to benchmarks departments against each other or spot trends in your organization's development over time.

easyreview is a tool and a database. All your data is stored in the cloud. You can access it anytime and from anywhere. Long-winded searches are a thing of the past.

"Working with easyreview, we could automate so many small steps along the way of our review process. This gives us more time and space to connect directly with our colleagues."
Peter Daletzki / Hirschgold Media GmbH

One-Click Reports & Analyses

Any performance review gets evaluated as soon as the assessments are submitted.

The easyreview analytics dashboard intuitively guides your through all key insights in no time. Our review cockpit puts you in the driver seat of your ongoing cycle with information about answer rates, outstanding submissions and a detailed view on the state of every single assessment. With just a single click you can then drill into all submitted assessments and see results in realtime.

Evaluating your organization on a company-wide level or diving into dedpartments or offices is just as easy. We compile charts and grahical analyses of aggregated results as well as deep insides through raw data. This helps you understand your colleagues better than ever before and equips you with the data you need to make strategic decisions to make your organization successful.

Screenshot of the easyreview potential analysis

Potential analyses

Assessing the current performance and future potential of your colleagues is an important tool for successful leadership and a talent management process that creats an environment in which all employees can grow.

Our software enables you to turn every review sheet into a building block for a data-driven HR analytics approach to performance assessments. It allows you to easily setup growth and training programs that match the challenges your colleagues are facing to reach their next goals.

The foundation for this is easyreview's strength-value system It allows you to quantify any answer to closed-form questions with a weighted score.

Once an assessment is complete we are calculating aggregate scores for the self- and manager-assesments. That allows you to benchmark your workforce internally and lets us automatically highlight development potential and training opportunities within your company.

On top of that it becomes easy to uncover differences in self- and manager-assessment of a colleague's performance. Allowing HR to resolve potential conflict before it even arises.

With easyreview you can run the HR-analytics that suits your organization best. With the priorities you set and fine tuned reviews that strike the perfect balance between quantitative and qualitative assessments.

Sign results, commit to action

We believe in the commitment a signature can create. That's why we bring this reliable instrument to your digital processes.

With easyreview's sealing feature you ensure that assessments have been submitted, the review meeting took place and the manager and report have jointly agreed on actionable goals, going forward.

And other than a signature on paper, our seal works no matter where your colleagues are. Distributed teams? Remote workers or work from home situations? We got you covered!

Performance reviews + remote work

easyreview is a Software-as-a-Service solution. That means our experts take care of the operation, maintenance and further development of our platform. This allows you to focus on core HR and leadership work, instead of breaking a sweat about last month's server backups.

We don't care from where you do your work. Not only since Corona easyreview empowers distributed teams to collaborate on our web-based software which can be comfortably used via any browser (e.g. Edge, Chrome or Firefox). Time consuming installations on your laptop or corporate network become a thing of the past.

And that is why we can get you started today! No setup fees, no month-long migration projects or horrendous budgets. It's easyreview.

easyreview can help you even more!

Our solution does not stop at performance reviews. easyreview brings a plethora of tools and features that allow you to introduce digitally enhanced processed for employee feedback & surveys, target agreements, OKRs and process evaluations to your company.

With our PDF or Excel reports, easyreview never becomes a one-way street. It's your data and that means you can download everything at any time to connect it with other solutions in your organization or to take it elsewhere if we are simply not a fit anymore.

Our protected surveys allow you to conduct confidential assessments or gather sensitive feedback on the executive level or in the boardroom.

Customize your e-mail templates, use our audit history for enhanced security, use your company's own privacy declarations for your employees, keep an eye on fixed-term or contract workers and make data-supported contract renewal decisions. Lets jump on a call, and start working together to solve the challenges you are facing right now.

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