Software for potential analysis

Identify and analyse the potential and opportunities of your workforce reliably and easily.

Our features

  • Individual questionnaires
  • Flexible evaluation scheme
  • Weighted assessment of individual competences
  • Automatic classification into potential levels
  • Intuitive evaluations and analyses

How does the potential analysis with easyreview work?

We help you to recognize and assess the competencies of your employees.

The basis for a fair analysis is a uniform assessment framework that helps you compare your employees. To design this framework, our software supports you in creating an individual questionnaire for your colleagues. A variety of supported question types allows you to map a wide range of dimensions.

easyreview helps you to correctly quantify and weight the answers to all or just some of the questions.

With the participation, the achieved score is automatically calculated for each employee. If desired, this can also be combined from different perspectives (e.g. self-perception and external perception by the manager).

Of course, you can also integrate your potential analysis into other surveys, e.g. use open questions for direct feedback or design the entire potential analysis as part of your annual appraisals.

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Increase objectivity

An efficient analysis ensures a fair comparability of your employees among each other. Afterwards, you can clearly evaluate which concrete measures will help your employees achieve their individual goals.

easyreview helps you avoid subjective assessments. Level out differences in the assessment culture in different teams with the help of the data obtained. Subconscious prejudices of managers towards colleagues do not stand a chance.

You guarantee your colleagues a fair and transparent analysis of their competencies and personal development opportunities. An objective corporate culture expresses appreciation and sustainably increases the morale and satisfaction of your employees.

Not only can you identify undiscovered talent, but you can also strengthen the foundation of your corporate culture to retain the best employees for the long term.

Uncomplicated evaluation

Our software offers you various solutions for the uncomplicated evaluation of your potential analyses.

In the individual results, the strength values are displayed directly next to the participants' answers. In surveys with several perspectives (e.g. annual interviews), the average strength value achieved for a question is evaluated in addition to the values for each individual perspective.

In long surveys, the observation of the difference of the achieved strength values plays a major role. A deviation between self-perception and external perception can be revealed just as easily as patterns and tendencies in the assessment of individual feedback providers. The strength difference is directly broken down by easyreview for each question.

With our freely configurable potential levels, you know immediately where your employees stand. The levels are color-coded and cover the full range from unmet expectation to overachievement.

This allows you to keep an eye on the distribution of strength scores across your organization and identify low and top performers at the individual or departmental level with just a few clicks.

Opportunities, goals, results

You have recognized the potential of your colleagues. What happens next?

With easyreview you can easily transfer the result of your potential analysis into a structured target agreement for a colleague.

Managers and employees work closely together to plan concrete goals for joint growth.

All developments on targets and sub-targets can be viewed and recorded by colleagues directly on the target agreement.

easyreview supports you, your managers and your employees with automatic reminders on approaching target dates and notifications on every status update on the way to a successful target implementation.

Identify training needs

Use the collected data of the target planning, comfortably for the planning of the further education and training offer of your employees.

For example, evaluate patterns and trends in the potential analysis or react to development opportunities or weaknesses of your employees with a suitable coaching, mentoring or training offer.

Develop your leaders

Developing managers from within your own workforce is essential. Great identification with your company and familiar processes beat out external competitors. However, the path from a promising employee to an outstanding manager is a challenge.

But even experienced managers should continue to develop their skills.

The best way for organizational development is to incorporate direct feedback from team members, e.g. in the form of a leadership assessment. Combined with an automatic potential analysis, a survey works out the strengths and weaknesses of each manager. Based on the data obtained, you can improve the competencies of your managers with pinpoint accuracy.

Avoid miscasting

The right employees in the wrong place in your company can cost you time, money and nerves. Poor team chemistry or misjudged competencies or complementary characters can paralyze entire departments and jeopardize goals. To make matters worse, you yourself are then busy fixing the problem and blocked from doing your actual work.

With a potential analysis in the context of a probationary period or dismissal interview, you can uncover such differences in good time and find the right place in the company for each employee and strengthen your organization.

A great fit for your software landscape

As an expert for employee appraisals and target agreements, we seamlessly adapt to your existing software landscape. Regardless of whether you handle HR work in your company with many small tools, a large HR suite or on paper: easyreview fits the bill!

We use a very lean set of employee master data that can be easily imported and exported in CSV or Excel format from all major systems.

The same applies to all data maintained and results collected in easyreview. This data belongs to you. We offer you a wide range of export options: From the PDF file for filing, to the comprehensive Excel export, for reading into your business intelligence cluster.

And if you need help with a special challenge: We are happy to support you in all tasks from porting your existing questionnaires from Microsoft Word to migrating your paper based employee lists. Our experts are there for you!

Potential analysis with easyreview

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Data protection without compromise

We process your data exclusively on German servers and store it where you are. Without exception, we work together with German data center operators.

We only work with fully audited hosting and data center vendors, comitted to information security and quality assurance.

Of course our services are 100% compliant with the strong privacy frameworks of CCPA (California) and GDPR (EU). A fact we regularly confirm through audits with an external data protection officer.

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