Pulse surveys

With regular and short surveys you always know how your employees are really doing.

Our features

  • Regular surveys
  • Completely automatic survey
  • Ready to go immediately with high-quality templates
  • Customizable questionnaire
  • Intuitive evaluations and analyses
  • Honest assessments through 100% anonymity

What is pulse feedback?

Pulse feedback is a short (max. 10 questions) survey conducted at close intervals. In terms of content, the focus is usually more on how employees are feeling. How are you doing this week? What were your biggest challenges, can be typical questions.

The small amount of time required compared to classic, extensive employee surveys reduces hurdles for your colleagues to participate and thus ensures high response rates.

Regular and, in the best case, close-meshed surveys, e.g. every two weeks, allow you to identify trends and patterns very quickly. This allows you to react quickly to changes in the satisfaction and performance of your teams and to take countermeasures in good time if problems arise.

Due to these fast feedback-response cycles, a pulse check also leads to your employees feeling better perceived and heard. In addition to the acceptance of the instrument, you also increase the cohesion in your company.

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How does software help me with the pulse survey?

Unlike traditional employee surveys, the pulse feedback process is almost impossible to map without the support of a tool. The specific tasks include:

  • The invitation management
  • Sending out the survey
  • Collecting the results
  • Remembering latecomers
  • The evaluation
  • Archiving

Survey your employees monthly, bi-weekly, or even on a weekly basis.

Our software supports you in all these tasks and lets you start a pulse survey with just a few clicks.

Our procedure for your pulse feedback

easyreview helps you with the complete handling and evaluation of your pulse feedback process. We save you time in administration and ensure that your employees do not lose time in responding.

The start is very simple: Choose a template for the questionnaire, the first survey date and the survey interval. Then invite all desired employees to the survey and off you go.

Our software automatically sends invitations to your employees on the set date, provides an online platform for submitting feedback, and reminds latecomers that participation is still open.

As soon as results arrive, we evaluate them for you and compile intuitive, graphic evaluations.

At the same time, easyreview already prepares the next survey cycle for you and copies the participant list.

Historical results are of course available in the archive at any time.

The fastest survey type

If your colleagues spend half an hour every week on pulse feedback, after a few weeks you will be able to count the number of feedbacks on one hand.

easyreview ensures that you not only save time in administering the survey, but that each employee can also submit their feedback in record time. An email lands in the inbox for each cycle, from there it's just a few clicks and in two minutes the entire process is complete.

Our evaluation gives you a concentrated overview of how your employees are feeling. Through a comparison of the answers as well as a historical comparison of old editions, you receive valid information about how your employees are doing.

Pulse surveys with easyreview fit into the busiest of schedules!

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Anonymity promotes honest feedback

easyreview allows you to collect feedback anonymously. This way you ensure that your colleagues can say what they really think without having to worry about unwanted consequences. Sincere feedback gives you valuable insights to move your business forward.

We give you and your colleagues the necessary assurance that feedback cannot be traced back to the author.

Our anonymity guarantee:

  1. No access to survey results of individual employees
  2. Evaluation of results only as of 5 completed participations
  3. Security against circumvention of the quorum through set filters
  4. Hiding the participation status of individual employees

A great fit for your software landscape

As an expert for employee appraisals and target agreements, we seamlessly adapt to your existing software landscape. Regardless of whether you handle HR work in your company with many small tools, a large HR suite or on paper: easyreview fits the bill!

We use a very lean set of employee master data that can be easily imported in CSV or Excel format from all major systems and also exported again.

The same applies, of course, to all data maintained and results collected in easyreview. This data belongs to you. We offer you a wide range of export options: From PDF for storage to comprehensive Excel export for import into your business intelligence cluster.

And if you need help with a special challenge: We are happy to support you in all tasks from porting your existing questionnaires from Microsoft Word to migrating your paper based employee lists. Our experts are there for you!

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Data protection without compromise

We process and store your data on servers secured by highest industry standards. We encrypt all communication with our software across the internet with modern TLS (SSL) technology.

We only work with fully audited hosting and data center vendors, comitted to information security and quality assurance.

Of course our services are 100% compliant with the strong privacy frameworks of CCPA (California) and GDPR (EU). A fact we regularly confirm through audits with an external data protection officer.

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