OKRs & Target Agreements

Good companys set goals. The best follow-through. Be the best. Automate success with easyreview.

A tool for OKRs & target agreements

easyreview lets you commit on goals and OKRs with a click.

Your colleagues can either propose goals and objectives themselves, work with their managers to refine them or your organization sets goals through managers and executives. easyreview supports you perfectly no matter how you run the process.

With that you take an important first step to let your colleagues know exactly what the expectation for their role is. It is the foundation on which they can do their best work and help your organization succeed. easyreview helps you and your managers with setting and formulating and communicating crystal clear expectations.

And once the goals and objectives are set, we keep you posted on the any progress. With real-time updates from employees and managers there are no more surprises at the end of the quarter.

Works for you

With easyreview there is no need to reinvent your organization. Instead our software adapts to your existing processes. And if you are just getting started with OKR or target agreement processes, we are there for you out with great templates and an expert team that helps you find the right set of procedures for your company.

Visbilites, access privileges, automatic reminders and notifications, assessment cycles and much more can be configured in a way, that lets easyreview feel natural for your team.

Quantifying progress

Some objectives are too nuanced to just get checked off. Especially when it comes to revenue or sales based goals there it makes a big difference if you achieve 80%, 90% or 120% on target.

That is why easyreview lets you create quantified goals and objectives. These can then be updated by your colleagues at any time with a current snapshot of their results and sales.

Our system does the grunt work for you. We calculate the relative progress on each objective and show you the overall progress for every employee.

Using quantified objectives, you can also easily calculate performance based bonuses.

Weighted objectives

Not too objectives are alike and some are more important than others. With easyreview you can individually adjust the weight and priority of each objective.

Assign a factor to each weighted objective that represents it's share of the total OKRs or target agreement. Any progress will automatically take the weighting into account when calculating the overall progress.

Using weights your objectives and goals will reflect the challenges and opportunities your company is facing much more realistically. This aligns the incentives for your organization overall and every individual employee and helps your colleagues do their best work.

"Setting OKRs with easyreview is so easy for my managers, that I now see first results when I normally would still be chasing everyone around to write their objectives down!"
Thomas Latus / CEO modulr.design

Smart objectives

Formulating SMART objectives, helps your colleagues understand and achieve them better.

And that is why easyreview helps you to design SMART OKRs and target agreements.

Describe every objective specifically and give context on it's relevancy. Our structured objectives then helps you with setting time-bounds.

Comparing current goals with data from past cycles, as well as our weighting function, ensures that you and your managers can confidently set achievable objectives.

And with quantified objectives you can measure progress and completeness anytime.

No more surprises

We have all been there: Committing on goals for the year and 100% enthusiastic to tackle them. Then life hits, things get complicated, projects restructured and re-prioritized. And all out of the sudden our actual work does not resemble much of what we agreed upon months ago anymore. Worst of it all is that we don't even recognize it until the next review cycle comes around.

This ends now! With easyreview your colleagues and their managers can post progress and updates to their OKRs and target agreements in real-time.

Our notification system ensure that those updates are in the inbox of the right people within minutes and completely automatic. Neither HR nor your managers will ever miss an important development anymore. No matter if it's a quick ping or a seismic shift in priorities.

In addition, automatic reminders let you know when due-dates are coming up for single objectives or the agreement as a whole.

Gone are the days when you look at your objectives exactly twice a year: At the beginning and the end of each review cycle. Our toolbox helps you turn OKRs and target agreements into actionable and useful guidance for your daily work.

Test easyreview today - free of charge!